Monday, September 26, 2011

Matt Kenny

Matt Kenny

For his first exhibition in New York, Matt Kenny presents a new series of monotypes. Elusive in nature, they appear reminiscent of wood-cuts, gelatin silver prints, and even meticulously rendered ballpoint pen drawings. In actuality, Kenny composes them by inking and arranging plastic shopping bags then running them through an intaglio press. The resulting forms range from solid rock-like masses to writhing anthropomorphic swirls. His unique works on paper capture both the spirit of Jean Arp's playful abstraction and the dynamic energy of Franz Kline's black and white painting.

Derek Eller Gallery is located at 615 West 27th Street, between 11th and 12th Avenues. Hours are Tuesday - Saturday from 11am - 6pm. For further information or visuals, please contact the gallery at 212.206.6411 or visit

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Favela Chair

This chair is awesome:

Fernando and Humberto Campana

design year:

Edra, Italy

Brazilian Pinus wood

"Favela" refers to the ad-hoc shelters which are built out of mud, sand, scraps of wood, bricks and stones in the hills and on the fringes of urban expansion around Rio de Janeiro. The name refers to the location of the first of such settlements, the hill "Morro da Favela", built in the late 1800s by African-Brazilian veterans from the Canudos war who had nowhere else to go.The "Favela" chair is constructed piece-by-piece from the same wood used to build the favelas, and every piece is hand-glued and nailed.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

UES Restaurants

If you find yourself in the Upper East Side and need a good place to eat, stop in to The Seahorse Tavern. Solid place run by solid people.

Monday, September 19, 2011


Shiro Kuramata was one of the best furniture designers of all time.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

WHIT Spring 2012

Whit's one of my favorite women's designers. She makes great clothes that women can actually wear year after year.

From WWD: Whitney Pozgay channeled the colors of the Arizona desert, resulting in a lovely lineup of “wear anywhere” short dresses done in linen, some with embroidery, and sportswear such as red-and-blue Aztec-print shorts paired with a red knitted T-shirt.

From Lucky Mag: NYFW Spring 2012: Whit's '60s Wedding
12:30 AM, September 14 2011
By Caroline Waxler

The Venue: The Gramercy Terrace at the Gramercy Park Hotel

The Scene: The ivy up on the roof of the Gramercy blended well with the minimalist desert backdrop, setting the mood for Whitney Pozgay’s WHIT presentation. The designer had lots of family and friends on hand for support, including uncle Andy Spade and designer Steven Alan. What's more, the party was thrown by Bon Appetit and Chef Fabio Viviani, which meant being in the company of many dapper types, including Glen O’Brien and Adam Rapoport. They mixed in well with the young fashion crowd, who took a break from the tents to come see WHIT.

The Look: Imagine you’re a guest at a wedding in Marfa—in the ‘60s. There were mix and match graphic prints and lots of colorways. Even a midriff-baring dress! Indeed, this showing was bit less conservative than Pozgay’s previous collections.

What We Want to Buy: We loved the border town feel of the whole collection. “I’m just an Arizona girl,” the designer told us. The open-weave sweaters—especially the white one the designer was wearing—made us wish we’d grown up with Whitney in the Southwest. Come this spring, at least we can look like it.


From Fashion Week Daily:Whit
Hometown nostalgia lent Whit a decidedly Southwest POV for Spring 2012. Arizona native Whitney Pozgay presented an earthy desert-inspired collection on the Gramercy Hotel terrace, 16 flights up from the urban hustle and bustle below. The print-heavy mashup, tinged with mod elements, referenced '60s landscape photography in playful Navajo-like print shifts, Aztec bottoms with sunset coral toppers, and striped canteen-shaped handbags. A cacti backdrop was an apropos choice against a canyon print day frock and relaxed weekender getups, proving that playful, wear-anywhere separates are Pozgay's hallmark.


Low Line in NY Mag

I have been helping my friend, James Ramsey, work on the Low Line for the last few years. It's good to see his hard work is paying off. Bien Hecho compadre.

"Land for parks is so scarce in Manhattan that the city’s most generous new green space, the High Line, occupies an elevated railway. Now three urbanist ­entrepreneurs—James Ramsey, a satellite engineer turned architect; Dan Barasch, an executive at the technology think tank PopTech; and the pedigreed money manager R. Boykin Curry IV—hope to mine roughly two acres of green space under the city streets. Much as Joshua David and Robert Hammond transformed an old freight line into an attractive strip of greenery, this trio wants to convert the vast and dank trolley terminal that has sat disused on the Lower East Side for six decades into a park that they are calling Delancey Underground but will inevitably be known as the Low Line.

“Technology enables us to create an appealing green space in an underserved neighborhood,” says Ramsey. The key, he says, is the “remote skylight,” a system that channels sunlight along fiber-optic cables, filtering out harmful ultraviolet and infrared light but keeping the wavelengths used in photosynthesis. “We’re channeling sunlight the way they did in ancient Egyptian tombs, but in a supermodern way.” Ramsey envisions a stand of dozens of lamppostlike solar collectors on the Delancey Street median, feeding a system of fixtures down below.

The MTA controls the terminal, where trolleys plying the Williamsburg Bridge looped back toward Brooklyn; Ramsey says the agency has been willing to listen to his pitch, though it won’t contribute any funds. The next task is to sell the neighborhood on a park with walls and a ceiling supported by I beams. Community Board 3 gets its first look at the plan on September 21, giving residents the chance to start imagining what it might feel like to loll on a subterranean sheep meadow or ride an escalator to a bower in a burrow."


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Suspenders and Braces

A nice pair of chunky braces with a straight leg pair of pants will be good for the fall. I like these vintage fireman's braces with some better pants...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

EPS New York Photo Expo

My friend Brian is the founder of the EPS. I am really impressed with what he has done in such a short period of time. Check out their expandable structures for all your photography and film needs.

E.P.S.2 (Expandable Photo Studio) is the first product created by Massiera Industries. Massiera Industries focuses on "expandable structure technology", not to be mistaken with "inflatable". From suitcase to large studio in 3 minutes, the E.P.S. is changing the way photographers work around the world. In the fall of 2010, the E.P.S. launched a crude website that went viral and ended up in international media from Gizmodo, Wired, CNET, Japanese Business Magazines, to being named Discovery Channels Top Tech Toys. It is now being distributed internationally. In the last year alone the E.P.S. has become a key focus and industry pros anticipate the E.P.S. will be a mandatory tool for all photographers within the next few years. Massiera Industries is a proud sponsor of the 2011 PDN PhotoPlus Conference + Expo. Stop by to see the demonstrations and see the E.P.S. inside and out. It's hard to miss. A special discount is being offered if purchased at the Expo!!!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bale in Empire

I've always liked the style this kid had.

"Jim's a black cat."

Friday, September 9, 2011

A Man Should Have A Tool Box: Drill

A man should have a drill for hanging pictures, fixing tables, and all sorts of things your girlfriend will dream up to keep you busy.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Man Should Have A Tool Box: Level

A man should have a level. Get a good one, around 3 feet long, it'll work for big and small jobs and will last forever. They keep things true.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Man Should Have A Tool Box: Crescent Wrench

Get a crescent wrench. It's better than shelling out for a full set of wrenches and will work for most run of the mill projects.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fashions Night Out

September 8, 2011- Fashions Night Out raises a lot of money and awareness. It's been successful in the past and I believe it will be again.

A few events taking place:
Partners and Spade: Warby Parker celebrates Buddy Holly's 75th birthday with a performance by Justin Townes Earle from the new tribute album RAVE ON Buddy Holly. Warby Parker will feature Buddy-Holly inspired frames with Rave On albums and provide free music downloads. Come join us at Partners & Spade from 6pm-9pm for music, cocktails and birthday cake!

Marc Jacobs: Rumour has it The Tallest Man On Earth is playing at the Marc Jacobs store.

Gagosian Shop: Featuring designs by Cynthia Rowley, Yeohlee Teng, Damien Hirst, Aaron Young, Adam McEwen, Aurel Schmidt, Dan Colen, Ryan McGinley, Tauba Auerbach and Piotr Uklanski. Limited Edition sweaters produced by Pringle of Scotland and designed by Alex Kapranos, David Shrigley, Douglas Gordon, Julia Peyton Jones, Julian David, Nick McCarthy, Ryan McGinley, and Tilda Swinton. Andy Warhol designed tote bags, Jewelry by Mia Fonssagrives - Solow and Anish Kapoor, and Freeway Sunglasses. 6:00pm -11:00pm.


Monday, September 5, 2011

A Man Should Have A Tool Box: Screw Drivers

Get a set of phillips and flat head screw drivers. They will come in handy on every project you do. I promise.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Man Should Have A Tool Box: Hammer

A man should have a hammer. A Mid weight Estwing does nicely.

Friday, September 2, 2011

A Man Should Have A Tool Box: Pliers

A man should have a tool box. I'm going to do a series of posts about different items every man should have in his tool box.

Needle Nose Pliers.
I use pliers more than just about any other tool. They are great for removing nails, screws, odds and ends. They are great for grabbing tough to get pieces and can double as a wrench.